Welcome to the Dinky Dungeon Tileset


Click here to see whats new in Version 1.2

This update is free for all customers, just go to store where you purchased it and download the new version.

If you can´t find the update on the stores right now, it´s still pending review.
Follow my official thread on the unity forums, to be up to date.
Dinky Dungeon Tileset on the unity forums

About the Dinky Dungeon Tileset

Our well known little Worker has visited my dungeon tileset and took some photos of his journey.
Lets follow him and see what he found. have fun.

Click here for full overview of the package      Click here for a FPS Demo

The 3rd Person Demo can be played here

Available for the unity engine on The Unity Assetstore, gameprefabs and turbosquid

Independent license $ 50    |   Commercial License $ 100

(also in available OBJ/FBX Format on turbosquid for use in other engines - $ 50).

NOTE: prices may differ a few bucks per store